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UFC Quick Quote: Din Thomas says 'how can you deny me?' a title shot

din thomas

"... I have been hearing all this other nonsense about Tyson Griffin getting in line, and Thiago Tavares. And I'm just thinking, man, these guys are just getting here, you know what I'm saying? What have they done? I've been with the UFC since 2001 ... I'm 3-0 in my last current run and I have a win over the current champ Matt Serra. Sorry Matt, had to say it! But you know, it's the truth, it's a fact. I mean he just fought for the belt a couple months ago, you know? If I win this coming fight, how can you deny me?"

-- Din Thomas talks with about his position in the lightweight title picture leading up to his main event appearance against Kenny Florian at UFC Fight Night 11 on September 19. "Dinyero" feels that his experience and performance over the last six years warrant an opportunity to challenge for the 155-pound belt.

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