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UFC 75 results coverage and LIVE blow-by-blow commentary

UFC 75 results coverage and LIVE blow-by-blow commentary has already completed LIVE real-time results for UFC 75: "Champion vs. Champion" today from the O2 Arena in London, England.

Just scroll down the page to see the QUICK RESULTS below.

Remember, we are also currently "LIVE" blogging the tape delayed portion of the main card action, providing round-by-round, blow-by-blow commentary.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the PPV telecast to share their thoughts on the action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment or 10 before you leave and chat with many of our readers during the show — it always turns out to be a good time.

Don't forget also that we will be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after UFC 75.

Without further adieu, see below for the latest UFC 75 results. WARNING: These are potential spoilers! (Note — This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest results!)

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson defeats Dan Henderson via unanimous decision

Michael Bisping defeats Matt Hamill via split-decision

Cheick Kongo defeats Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic via unanimous decision

Marcus Davis defeats Paul Taylor via submission (armbar) in round one

Houston Alexander defeats Alessio Sakara via technical knockout (strikes) in round one

Gleison Tibau defeats Terry Etim via unanimous decision

Thiago Silva defeats Tomasz Drwal via technical knockout (strikes) in round two

Dennis Siver defeats Naoyuki Kotani via knockout in round two

Jess Liaudin defeats Anthony Torres via technical knockout (strikes) in round one

UFC 75 blow-by-blow live main card commentary (will begin at 9 p.m. ET):

UFCmania, as well as DrubySunshine, are here in tandem to LIVE blog the tape-delayed portion of the UFC 75 main card. It's time boys and girls to see what all the buzz is about -- we've been waiting a long time to see many of these fights. Let's do this.

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson vs. Dan Henderson (World Light Heavyweight Championship Unification Bout)

Round one: Rampage comes out swinging for the fences but misses. Both fighters clinch. Hendo working knees to the thigh. Rampage answers with two knees of his own. Now Hendo working some sick knees to the thigh. Body shot by Hendo. Hendo working on more knees to the thigh and their vicious. Both fighters exchange punches. Back to the clinch and Henderson with the takedown. Henderson lands a solid elbow from side control. Hendo working knees from side control. Now hes working some punches with Rampages arm pinned in down. Rampage scrambles back to the feet and lands a great right hook to the body. More knees to the thigh from Hendo. Clinched up against the fence. Rampage with a couple decent body shots. Knee by Rampage, great exchange from the two overhand left by Hendo and right cross from Rampage. Nice knee by Hendo and thats the bell. Id say Henderson 10-9, but an exciting fight none the less.

Round two: Both guys looking for distance. Uppercut by Quinton. Both fighters exchange rights. Hendo with a trip for the take down and passes immediately to side control. Henderson working some elbows. Hendo with some more knees from side control pounding the arms, thighs, and ribs. Quinton explodes and is back to the feet!! Now they are clinched up against the fence. Rampage with knees to the thigh. Rampage with the take down and is on top. Working in some elbows from side control. Rampage with some sick elbows to the body. Another elbow to the body from side control by Rampage. Thats the round, this one is too close to call but if I had too id say Hendo 10-9 but it could go either way in that one.

Round three: Both fighters looking for distance. Nice overhand right by Quinton. Leg kick by Jackson. Nice jab right hook by Rampage. HUGE exchange by both fighters they both landed bombs!!! Great knee by Henderson, Rampage takes the opportunity and gets a take down. Jackson in side control. The pace slows as Rampage works knees to the body. Nice elbow by Quinton. Hendo looking for a Kimura. Rampage with body shots trying to get out and it works hes out and now in half guard. Hendo crankes the kimura and it forces Quinton to roll and Hendo is now on top in half guard and lands a nice elbow. Hendo to full mount, Rampage scrambles and is back to the feet. Hendo with a good knee!! Both fighters exchange! Thats the round. Id give that one 10-9 to Rampage by a thin margin.

Round four: Jab by Jackson. Great right then left hook by Jackson!!! Rampage on top passing to side control. Hendo going for an armbar!!! Rampage is out. Now hes working knees from side control. Henderson working his way to his feet Jackson trying to hold him down. Rampage now in half guard. Elbow by Rampage. Jacksons peppering in some body shots. Jackson is controlling from the top. The pace has slowed and Big John stands them up. Jab by Jackson. Rampage with a great right hook uppercut combo!!! Jab by Quinton. Thats the round. This one was alot easier to call id give it to Rampage 10-9, he controlled that round from start to finish.

Round five: Last round!!! Rampage with a good right hook to start things off. Leg kick by Hendo. Great left hook by Rampage!! Henderson looking for that overhand right. Their clinched again up against the cage. Knee by Henderson. Quinton avoided the takedown. Nice knee by Rampage followed by a great left and uppercut from Hendo!!! Rampage answers with a right cross!!! WOW!! Left right uppercut by Jackson!! HUGE right by Henderson!!! Henderson with the take down!! Rampage in full guard. Nice right to the face by Hendo. Rampage stand up!! Great knee from Jackson and another then he takes Henderson down!!! Henderson scrambling, Jackson with a HUGE right!!! Thats the bell. Its over. Id give that rd to Rampage 10-9, overall he just looked like the stronger more well conditioned fighter. Overall that was an excellent 5 championship rounds. Awesome fight, but Rampage earned the victory.

Result: Quinton "Rampage" Jackson via unanimous decision.


Michael Bisping vs. Matt Hamill (205-pound limit)

Round one: Here we go ... the TUF 3 Finale that never happened. Both come out throwing strikes. Nice strikes from Hamill, Bisping falls from a Hamill knee and Hamill takes advantage -- but lets Bisping up! Hamill working the jab nicely. Bisping throwing off his back foot. Hamill looking very improved in the stand up. Hamill is stalking Bisping. Gets a quick take down (Hamill) and does some dirty boxing up against the fence. Bisping dishes out a nice combo, but Hamill delivers a nice overhand right and cuts Bisping! Bisping is hurt. Bisping is losing at his own game right now. Hamill looks to be the better fighter, drilling Bisping with some crisp punches. Bisping is now throwing wild punches. Bisping got SMOKED in round one. Easily. Looks very uneasy.

Round two: Bisping looks beat up coming out. Hamill still stalking on the feet. The Count lands a nice right, but Hamill responds with an inside leg kick and a take down. Hamill lands in the Brit's guard. Not much happening. Bisping tries to escape and gets up! Stiff jabs from Hamill, and Bisping responds in kind. Hamill lands an elbow, but Bisping dishes it back with a right .. then a jab. Hamill gets a take down but Bisping gets to his feet. Eats a few small uppercuts in the process. Nice right by Bisping. Nice right hand again from Bisping. Both fighers are throwing punches but nothing is landin ... nice combo from Bisping to end round two! Hamill has a little mouse under his eye heading into his corner for round three.

Round three: Hamill comes out again aggressive. Nice left hook from Bisping, but doesn't seem to phase Hamill. Another nice right from Bisping followed up by a solid uppercut! Stiff jab from Hamill. Huge right from Bisping that doesn't seem to affect Hamill, who goes for the take down -- Bisping sprawls. Hamill goes for the shot and gets Bisping up against the fence -- almost had his back. Good defense from Bisping. Hamill tries to get him up against the cage. Bisping gets up! Hamill eats a knee, but takes Bisping down and lands in full guard. Hamill isn't doing anything, Bisping has sweet wrist control. Hamill gets up to his feet and lands an okay right. Nice high kick from Bisping that doesn't affect Hamill. Horn blows to end the fight.

Result: Michael Bisping defeats Matt Hamill via split-decision


Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic vs. Cheick Kongo (265-pound limit)

Round one: Cro cop with a jab. Inside leg kick by Kongo. Followed by another. Kongo with a knee to the body. Leg kick by cro cop. Body kick by cro cop. High kick by Kongo and he slips, Cro cop tries to capitalize. Both fighters are clinched against the fence. Knees to the thigh by Kongo. High kick by Kongo missed. Body kick by Kongo. Body kick by Kongo caught by Mirko he takes him down and has half mount. Throwing body shots and pulling him to the fence. Mirko working for full mount. Full mount for Mirko!! Hes still throwing body shots. Two sick lefts by Mirko. Another two sick punches. Kongo pops out and ends up on top but thats the bell. Id give the rd 10-9 to Cro Cop.

Round two: Kongo with a body kick. Both looking for distance. And three more body kicks by Kongo. Another solid body kick by Kongo. Body kick by Mirko. Both fighters clinch. Knee by Kongo, then Cheik with the takedown. Hes now in side control. Kongo working body shots. Working for position. Mirko works his way into half guard. Big elbow by Kongo. Butterfly guard by Mirko. Kongo with a right. HUGE Axe kick to the body by Kongo. Now Kongo in full guard. Kongo working some more body shots although nothing too powerful. Mirko kicks out and is back to the feet. Kongo accidentally knees the groin. Kongo with two knees to the ribs now. Kongo clinches and lands two vicious knees to the body!!!! Thats the round. Id give it to Kongo 10-9 easily. He dominated from start to finish and Mirko is on his heels backing up now.

Round three: Cro cop misses a high kick. Two stiff inside leg kicks followed by a great left hook by Kongo! Their clinched and the fight is stopped for knees to the groin by Kongo. He gets a warning from Big John. Body kick by Kongo followed by another. Great body kick by Kongo followed by a HUGE right and ANOTHER sick body kick. And another body kick!! Mirko winces on that last one their starting to take their toll. They clinch and Kongo now knees the thighs. Body kick by Cro Cop. Stiff right by Kongo. Hes now stalking Cro Cop. Both fighters are clinched against the fence. Both working knees. Big John separates em and starts it up. Kongo with another great body kick!! Cro Cop with a good body kick. Kongo with two knees to the head. Their clinched up against the cage. More knees to the thigh by Kongo. Mirko has a huge mouse under his left eye. Thats the round. I give it to Kongo 10-9 for sure. He dominated that round and the last two. Kongo was impressive in the fight and had Mirko on his heels for the last two rounds.

Result: Cheick Kongo defeats Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic via unanimous decision


Marcus Davis vs. Paul Taylor (170-pound limit)

Round one: Davis goes for the take down and their up against the cage. Still clinched. Knee by Davis. Taylor with a nice combo and nice body kick by Taylor. Uppercut by Davis. HUGE high kick by Taylor followed by vicious hammer fists!!! Davis weathers the storm and is now on the bottom. Taylor in half guard. Taylor with two HUGE rights!! Davis has a leg, shooting for the double. Axe kicks by Taylor. Taylor going for the guillotine. Davis with side control and raining bombs!!!! 10-12 unanswered punches. Davis in full mount! Taylor scrambles and Davis locks in the arm bar to finish it!!!! Its over is one of the most hectic, exciting first rounds of a fight I've seen.

Result: Marcus Davis defeats Paul Taylor via submission (armbar) in round one


Alessio Sakara vs. Houston Alexander (205-pound limit)

Round one: Both fighters touch gloves. Alexander pushes the pace, Sakara mushes him to the fence. Sakara goes for a single leg takedown, Alexander escapes and hits him with a nice knee. Sakara jabs and throws some wild, looping punches, Alexander gets him in the clinch and drops a HUGE knee. Sakara hits the canvas and Alexander pounces to finish off the Italian. Ref stops the fight. Alexander is amped and Sakara is in La-La land. Brutal knee. Alexander looked scary (again).

Result: Houston Alexander defeats Alessio Sakara via technical knockout (strikes) in round one


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