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Report: Couture breaks arm in UFC 74 win over Gonzaga

randy couture arm ufc 74
Gabriel Gonzaga's nose was not the only thing that got broken during the heavyweight championship bout this weekend at UFC 74: "Respect."

Division titleholder Randy Couture sustained a "nightstick fracture" of his left forearm when blocking a "Napao" high kick, according to

Here's the snip:

"... Randy Couture was informed Sunday by doctors that he'd broken his arm during his third round TKO stoppage of Gabriel Gonzaga. Couture sustained the injury Saturday blocking a Gonzaga right high kick with his left forearm, cleanly separating the ulna bone.... The injury placed the UFC heavyweight champion's arm in a splint for six weeks. The appendage will not need a cast."

Fortunately, the injury does not seem serious. Perhaps it is a blessing in disguise, providing the training and public relations workhorse with some much-need time off.

Here's a snip from "The Natural:"

"It's not displaced, so the doctors think it will reattach in about a week and a half."

Watching the fight it seems hard to believe that he was able to finish of the monstrous Brazilian with a bum wing. I guess it just adds more mystique to the legend that is Randy Couture.

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