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Report: NSAC withholds half of Babalu's purse for UFC 74 Heath choke

mugimageaspasp.jpgThe Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) is withholding $25,000 of Renato "Babalu" Sobral's $50,000 earnings for choking out David Heath in the second round last night during their UFC 74: "Respect" light heavyweight showdown.

That's because the Brazilian refused to release (GIF image goes with that link) the submission hold after Heath had tapped out. The referee during the fight, Steve Mazzagatti, tried desperately to pry off Babalu, but he kept on squeezing until Heath was unconscious and twitching on the Octagon canvas.

He's not sorry about it, either, according to a recent article in the Orange County Register.

Here's a snip from Babalu:

"He has to learn respect. He deserved that."

We're told that NSAC Executive Director, Keith Kizer, will review the footage and determine whether or not to fine "Babalu" for his actions.

And when he does that, Kizer is going to realize that $25,000 is not enough punishment.


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