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Dana White answers questions about Tito Ortiz and more

Dana White
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Q: Why would you consider re-signing Tito Ortiz? He has negligible submission skills, questionable stand-up skills, his ground-and-pound style is boring for the casual fan and worst of all, he's not able to compete at a world-class level any more. He barely squeaked by with a victory over Forrest Griffin, he drew with Rashad Evens, was badly beaten by Chuck Liddell and chickened out on a boxing match with you. Please use the money you would offer to Tito to sign Fedor Emelianenko. Emmanuel S.

A: Did I write this question? It sounds like I must have submitted this question myself or you are reading my mind. I don't disagree with anything you said. There are a lot of fans who still like Tito, but I wouldn't disagree with your assessment of him. I think you really hit the nail on the head, but the reality is, even saying that, there are a lot of Tito fans out there. Why, I have no (expletive) idea, but they're there. I'll be curious to see his rematch with Rashad. Will Tito Ortiz win a world title again? Probably not, but he still has a couple of interesting fights out there.

-- UFC President Dana White answers reader questions such as the one above about Tito Ortiz, as well as others that touch on the stacked welterweight division, Andrei Arlovski, payouts, steroids and more in a recent article.

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