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UFC Quick Quote: Soku wanted to fight Bisping at UFC 75


"Put it this way, the UFC is where I would love to fight, but the UFC is all about protecting people. I'm hoping to get a call saying 'Forrest Griffin can't fight, do you want to fight Shogun?' That's my dream. I told them screw the money. I want to fight this and that person, but they wanted me to fight nobodys.... I will just give one name. I asked to be on the [UFC 75] card with Dan [Henderson] on free TV and I asked for Michael Bisping and they basically asked me if I was on crack."

-- In a live chat with free agent light heavyweight prospect Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou reveals that negotiations with the UFC fell apart when he requested match ups with top 205-pound fighters. He mentions in the article that he will be fighting next month but does not indicate for which organization. For more on "Soku" check out our archives.

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