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Hermes Franca: 'I learned my lesson' (Audio)

hermes franca steroids suspension
Maybe honesty isn't necessarily the best policy -- not for Hermes Franca, anyway.

The Brazilian UFC lightweight fighter came clean (unlike his drug test) after his loss to Sean Sherk at UFC 73: "Stacked" last month, admitting that he had used illegal steroids prior to the championship bout.

He was later fined and suspended from competition for one full year by the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC). In addition, he is banned from cornering fighters such as Kurt Pellegrino -- his top student at The Armory training camp -- during this time.

Meanwhile, during the same hearing before the CSAC professional boxer James Toney -- who also tested positive for steroids in a recent fight -- had his suspension reduced to six months.

Fair? Not according to this thread.

Perhaps the silver lining in all of this is that Franca isn't complaining. He's accepted his punishment and is taking it like a man.

Luke Thomas and his partner at WhoopAss Radio recently conducted an audio interview with Franca about the story behind his steroid use, the CSAC decision and the upcoming lightweight fight between Pellegrino and Joe Stevenson at UFC 74: "Respect" one week from today.

It's interesting to hear the reason he resorted to taking steroids.

According to Franca, he approached the UFC about pulling out of the fight because of an ankle injury eight weeks prior to the event. Delaying the return of Sherk -- who was out almost eight months rehabbing a shoulder injury -- wasn't something that the UFC was to keen on doing, however.

So, Franca used the steroids hoping that it would help his ankle heal faster and, at the very least, allow him to keep training.

Acceptable? Not one bit.

But, according to Franca, it's the sad truth.

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