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UFC Quick Quote: Heavyweight Heath Herring on hiatus

heath herring

"The UFC already called me about maybe [fighting] in October, and I just need to take some personal time. I'm just trying to catch up and do some family things right now, and I need to find a good fight camp so I've got nothing really scheduled right now. After that last one (versus Nogueira) that was kind of a disappointing one, so its going to take a little bit of time, reevaluate some things and see how things go. I haven't had a chance to sit down and be really critical of that fight just in my own mind. I know there are things that could have been done differently, but I've just been spending as much time with my family as I can right now, especially since I've been in Afghanistan for the last two weeks."

-- UFC heavyweight fighter Heath Herring tells that he plans to take some time off after three fights in seven months (1-2). The mixed martial arts veteran is coming off of a loss to Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (the third of his career) at UFC 73 last month and a trip overseas to visit U.S. troops stationed abroad.

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