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Improper Bostonian: Dana White, Randy Couture and Gabriel Gonzaga grace the cover prior to UFC 74

ufc 74 main event
Description: Once a part-time boxing instructor in Southie, the UFC's Dana White now presides over some of the toughest guys in organized combat.


I'm crushed for time today ... apologies for being so quick. But I also came across this snip from that talks about the upcoming UFC 74 "Countdown" show that will air on August 23 at 11 p.m. on the Spike television network.

Check it out:

"I'm worried about Randy, because this guy [Gonzaga] is so nasty. He's so powerful and he has so many weapons. There's a scene in there where Gabriel grabs an Everlast heavybag and body locks it and throws it like he's slamming it, and the top of the bag explodes. I mean, all the [expletive] comes flying out of the bag. We have to blur out the Everlast logo because they're not going to like that when he crushes their bag. This guy's an animal. He's the real deal."

The comment above is attributed to UFC President Dana White relayed by UFC vice president Craig Borsari of an incident that occurred during the taping for the "Countdown" to UFC 74, according to the report.

Good stuff ... Napao!

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