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Bob Arum is such an old stupid ass (Audio)

Boxing Promoter Bob ArumLong-time professional boxing promoter Bob Arum and UFC President Dana White don't get along. The reasons behind the feud are predictable and ... irrelevant.

That's because the other day Arum appeared on FOXSports Radio 1460 in Las Vegas, Nevada, with Steve Cofield and made some of the most childish and ridiculous comments about mixed martial arts that you are ever going to hear.

Normally, I wouldn't pass along news about Arum -- he sucks and is just a jealous 75-year-old fart. But these comments are so dumb I couldn't resist.

Here's just a snip of the four-minute bumbling tirade:

"I'm not a pharmacologist so I'm not qualified for the UFC. There's more steroids and drugs in the UFC than the Tour de France. They'd better clean up their act. Because I don't care if I am 110, it's disgraceful to be involved in a so-called sport where every other athlete is using prohibited drugs. And if he (Dana White doesn't like it) then let him test the guys before they go into the match, not after, where 50-60 percent of the guys flunk a drug test."

Naturally, Arum offered up ZERO supporting evidence to back up any of these outrageous and baseless allegations. He then even goes on to question whether or not White himself is on the sauce.

What a joke.

It's actually kind of sad that Arum is now reduced to sounding like an uneducated curmudgeon just to make some headlines. So congrats, Bob, job well done.

To hear the brief audio clip of Arum acting like an absolute buffoon check out and These guys are good friends of UFCmania so show them some support -- there are other solid UFC-related interviews located on these sites (not just retarded old men trying to sound important).

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