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UFC Quick Quote: Tavares is confident about beating Griffin at UFC 76

thiago tavares ufc 76

"He [Griffin] is a great fighter and very complete. He's very strong and doesn't make a lot of mistakes in his fights. I believe it will be a great fight for MMA fans. My training is going very well. I'm training boxing and Muay Thai; I want to show the American people that my Muay Thai is as good as my Jiu-Jitsu.... I have won twice in UFC and hopefully this will be my third. I personally feel that I'm able to win the title. Depending on my next fight, I think there may be a chance. I would be very honored to fight for the title."

-- UFC lightweight fighter Thiago Tavares tells that he is confident that he will topple Tyson Griffin at UFC 76 in September. For all the brouhaha about Clay Guida getting tough fights, Griffin has his work cut out for him once again. Calling it now: Fight of the night. It's going to be a total war ... forget about Liddell and Rua (Well, not really, but hopefully you get the point).

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