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Amp'd Mobile Poll: Will service be cut-off? 100% Yes - 0% No

By Jesse Holland

Amp'd mobile had a great slogan:

"More mobile than you're used to"

Consider the irony in this definition of mobile: Capable of moving or changing quickly from one state or condition to another.

Today your phone might work. Tomorrow it might not.

Amp'd mobile will be going off the hook (permanently) by the end of the month, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Amp'd filed for bankruptcy on June 1 citing unpaid bills - to the tune of 80,000 (out of 160,000) customers who decided billing was optional.

No telling if The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) finalists from seasons past were included. As many of you will remember one of the going away gifts was a free Amp'd mobile phone and service for life.

Service for life is great, assuming you have the life span of a fruit fly. I hear each finalist for season six receives a free Atari Jaguar and a subscription to GRIT.

Also included in the bankruptcy filing was Amp'd mobile's debt to Verizon for permission to operate on the cable operator's network.

Nothing like a cool $50 million in the red to make investors jittery.

And here I felt bad owing The Star Ledger nine bucks for Sunday delivery.

From what I understand the UFC was beaming live events to Amp'd handheld devices - including undercard matches.

Now the wireless sponsor is defunct and no doubt many UFC fans are stuck with a phone they can't use.

Maybe Zuffa can make reparations for pimping a useless product by beaming those undercard matches to the television sets of its pay-per-view faithful.

Where they should have been in the first place.

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