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UFC Quick Quote: Florian comments on comments


"It's always been my mentality to finish a fight. I don't wanna fight to a decision. I've finished a lot of my fights. I wanted the fans to realize and appreciate that I try to finish it. Nobody wants to see a fight decided by three judges. It wasn't a shot at Sherk at all. Franca's a tough guy to finish. It wasn't to disrespect to any fighters."

-- UFC lightweight Kenny Florian tells that his remarks after defeating Alvin Robinson at UFC 73 were not directed toward 155-pound champion Sean Sherk -- who has grinded out decision wins in his last three fights -- but was a general statement to the public about how he approaches fights. Florian also reveals that he plans to fight on the November card in Newark, N.J., which just a few hours drive from his home state of Massachusetts.

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