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Blame it on the Habs: UFC in Canada on hold ...again

UFC to canada
UFC President Dana White is backpedaling on recent statements that the UFC would head north to Canada in October -- with or without Georges St. Pierre -- with plans now on hold again because of the packed NHL hockey schedule at the Bell Centre in Montreal, according to

The regular season for the Montreal Canadiens begins on Friday, October 2, and every Saturday night that follows during the month is booked except for October 7. On that night, however, Mickey Mouse will take to the ice.

Here's a snip from White:

"You guys have got too much frigging hockey up there. As soon as you cancel some hockey games, we'll be up there."

UFC 69 was also supposed to be held in Canada earlier this year in April, but "a lot of different things that made that fight fall apart."

Most other reports -- including one from -- indicate that the UFC will land north of the American border sometime in 2008.

For now it looks like Canadian mixed martial arts fans will have to settle for the same old TKO action.

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