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Report: Man falls and dies at UFC 73

The rumor that emerged this morning about a man who died at UFC 73: "Stacked" last night are, unfortunately, true.

According to the ABC News affiliate in Sacramento, Calif., 26-year-old Eraldo Cano leaped over a four-foot retaining wall outside the ARCO Arena and plummeted 30 feet to his death.

Here's a snip:

"... Cano was transported by ambulance to the UC Davis Medical Center, where he died from his injuries around 10 p.m. ... the fall appeared to be accidental and that Cano likely did not realize the severity of the drop on the other side of the wall. Authorities were looking into whether alcohol played a role in the fall."

Cano was among 14,317 fans at the show this weekend.

Talk about a terrible tragedy -- our thoughts go out to his friends and family.

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