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UFCmania 'Motivator' contest winners!

And the winner is ... "So Easy" from UFCmania reader ianstx00.

It certainly wasn't easy, however, judging this contest. But we've finally put together the winners for our wildly popular "Motivator" contest, which ran for less than a week and received more than 500 submissions in the comments section and via email.

And yes, we looked at every single last one of them.

Thanks to everyone who participated -- these were some great (and sometimes cruel) creations. Hopefully we can do something similar real soon.

Congratulations again to the winners. I'll try and track you down, but to make things easier, feel free to email me to find out how to collect your booty.

The winners:

First place:

ufc motivator contest 1
Entry: "So Easy"
UFCmania reader: ianstx00
Grand prize: $250 in cash and a $100 free play from

Second place:

ufc motivator contest 2
Entry: "Sibling Rivalry"
UFCmania reader: cable1119
Prize: $100 in cash and a $100 free play from

Third place:

ufc motivator contest 3
Entry: "Two knockouts"
UFCmania reader: Matt Budgell
Prize: $50 in cash and a UFC DVD

Honorable mention:

ufc motivator contest honorable mention 1
Entry: "Perseverance"
UFCmania reader: ianstx00

Honorable mention:

ufc motivator contest honorable mention 2
Entry: "Fitch gate"
UFCmania reader: The Spida

Honorable mention:
Entry: Everything MWA (15+ entries)
UFCmania reader: MWA

Thanks again to everyone who participated, as well as, which put up some nice prizes for our winners -- just in time to place some bets on UFC 73 this weekend.

Feel free to check out all the entries in the comments section of the original post. I'll also paste a few links in the comments section that received some attention if you don't want to scroll through them all.

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