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UFC Quick Quote: More Frank Edgar carnage

Frank Edgar talks about an injury that turned him into the Elephant man

".... Turns out, [Edgar] had broken an orbital bone and one of his sinus passages. So when he blew his nose, air escaped and began to seep out and collect under the skin. It wasn't long before he looked like the Elephant Man. 'That's pretty much what it looked like,' said Edgar.... 'It was pretty bizarre looking.' And Edgar, getting a kick out of the fact he could manipulate the air with his fingers, quickly proceeded to make it worse. In talking to one of his friends who had walked into the restroom, Edgar decided to blow his nose again. Even more air seeped out and made his face appear even more gruesome. He then began to try to expel the air. Through his eye."

-- UFC lightweight Frank Edgar tells Kevin Iole of Yahoo!Sports about the bizarre effects of an injury he sustained during one of his first mixed martial arts bouts. This is in addition to the piece of cauliflower ear that got kicked off in another bout, which he eventually had "glued shut." Edgar is set to face Mark Bocek at UFC 73 this Saturday, July 7, at UFC 73 in Sacramento, Calif.

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