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UFC Quick Quote: Bonnar set to 'destroy' Nickels at UFC73


"I am definitely going into this fight with only one thing on my mind. That will be to destroy. It is that simple.... I mentally was weak for my last fight.... Every day I was in severe pain training with a broken arm. And then, a week before the fight I was cut over my left eye and needed 10 stitches. So going into the fight my mind was not on hurting my opponent. It was on protecting my cut and not showing him my arm was hurt. Finally, I shattered my right hand early in the fight. Instead of being focused on trying to take my opponent out, I was just moving around, engaging a little and surviving. This fight I feel good physically, which makes it easier to feel strong mentally. My focus is on hurting my opponent and taking him out."

-- Stephan Bonnar -- a light heavyweight finalist on the first season of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) -- talks to about his return to the Octagon at UFC 73 against Mike Nickels after serving a nine-month suspension for testing positive for steroids.

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