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UFC Quick Quote: Hermes plans to bring it at UFC 73


"I don't have like a real gameplan, you know? I want to show a variety. I want to work my hands and my sprawl. I want to let him feel my pressure. I want to come with pressure. I will come to fight. If he takes me down, that's cool because then I'll look for submissions. If he wants to exchange punches and kicks, I'm here, let's do it. I want to surprise him. I want to let him feel my strength and say, 'Oh man this guy is strong; he punches hard.'"

-- Lightweight Hermes Franca -- who is on an eight-fight win streak -- talks about his extensive preparation and excitement for the upcoming showdown with 155-pound champion Sean Sherk at UFC 73: "Stacked" on July 7 with Conditioning has been a knock on Franca in the past -- but he sounds ready to go five rounds one week from today. I can't wait.

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