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UFC Quick Quote: HBO deal 'on the ropes'

"Another of [former HBO CEO Chris Albrecht's] proposed changes seems to be on the ropes, as a pact to bring in UFC, the mix-martial arts league, may not go forward. Albrecht had been a big champion of a deal. But HBO Sports topper Ross Greenburg and other execs have resisted, feeling it would tarnish boxing and the rest of the HBO brand. Both plans spoke to Albrecht's idea for the net to get younger.... But without Albrecht, they may get there in a very different way."

-- is reporting that not much has changed in regard to a deal between HBO and the UFC to air fights on the cable television Goliath. It is still stuck in limbo and in more trouble since former CEO -- and champion of the partnership -- Chris Albrecht was arrested for assault in May and released from his position as a result.

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