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UFC Quick Quote: Denis Kang considers UFC offer and others

Denis Kang ufc

"The number one thing is going to be financial. We're looking at different factors, such as the level of exposure that the organization can bring me and the talent I can go up against. I want to fight anyone that's on top. I think the No. 1 guy in my division [185 pounds] right now is Dan Henderson. You've also got Anderson Silva, who's real tough, out there, and there are guys like Rich Franklin. It's such a deep division. I don't want any easy fights. I want the best fights, the hardest fights.... Just the exposure alone [in the UFC] is worth heavy consideration. It's something I want a piece of. Every time that I go to corner a friend [or] a teammate at a UFC, or if I just go to watch, I realize I have a lot of fans. Everybody always asks me when I'm going to be fighting in the UFC. It just depends on who is going to make the right offer."

-- Talented middleweight free agent Denis Kang tells that he is in negotiations with several organizations such as the UFC, BodogFIGHT and EliteXC. He expects to make a decision this week but says it's all about the Benjamin's.

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