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UFC Quick Quote: ESPN reporters MMA vs. boxingbattle

"Boxing does have history. But the UFC, IFL and MMA as a whole are making history. This isn't going anywhere. Track interest in every big sport except the NFL and you'll see interest is dwindling. Reality is, MMA is exploding upward. It is. By any measure. It will be even bigger in five years, and bigger than that in 10 years, and on and on. Lots of sports people are underestimating that, and that might be why every year audiences for the so-called "major sports" dwindle. You're giving boxers too much credit for being amazing technicians. Give us a break. They punch people in the face and take punches in the face."

-- ESPN The Magazine reporters Ken Hockensmith (MMA) and Tim Struby (boxing) go toe-to-toe and battle it out to see which sport is better, boxing or MMA. This is a nice spin on a tired topic ... check out the entire clip.

(Thanks to UFCmania reader "BigPaul" and all the others for the assist.)

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