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Meltzer: Hamill -- not Shamrock -- still Bisping UFC 75 opponent

matt hamill ufc 75
Matt Hamill is still the opponent lined up for Michael Bisping at UFC 75 despite a report that we passed along earlier this week that Ken Shamrock had taken his place.

That's the latest anyway from Dave Meltzer over at

Here's a snip:

"Regarding rumors regarding the next UFC in London, England, Michael Bisping vs. Matt Hamill is still the scheduled match on that show. There are rumors regarding Bisping vs. Ken Shamrock, but that may have been discussed but it is not the current plan."

For the record, there's nothing wrong with Shamrock fighting again in the UFC. I got a ton of emails about the post in which we mentioned he was lined up against "The Count" for the September 8 show in London, England.

If the man and the doctors feel he can still fight then so be it -- don't deny the man who helped build the sport a payday.

We've got nothing against him here at UFCmania.

The frustration was with the potential fight with Bisping. The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) season three winner is without question one of the UFCs brightest and most charismatic stars.

To this point, however, he hasn't been up against top talent in the 205-pound class.

Sure, Hamill is no Chuck Liddell or Shogun. But he does post certain challenges that can at least make the fight intriguing.

As for Shamrock, he still intends to return to the UFC. Will it be against Bisping at UFC 75? It doesn't look like it ... for now.

How about Royce? Rumor has it he's bulked up.

I'm going to wait for the official word from the UFC before writing about this anymore. I just feel a sense of relief that I couldn't help but pass along.

Hopefully it lasts.

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