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2007 Masters: Do you wanna be a F*&%ing Hall of Famer?

2007 mma hall of fame
By Jesse Holland

The Masters Hall of Fame, a non-profit organization that "recognizes and develops excellence in martial arts," has nominated UFC President Dana White as a 2007 Hall of Fame inductee based on his "continued leadership and devotion to the martial arts community."

Oh, and some other guy named Randy Couture is being inducted as well.

No question Dana is devoted to the MMA community, but I think there may be some debate as to whether or not his leadership can be recognized as "excellent."

If the following description at PR Leap is any indication, there may be a little padding on White's resume:

Dana's martial arts background includes being an Amateur boxer, Brazilian Jujitsu practitioner and manager for UFC fighters Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell where he coached, taught and mentored them to Championship titles.

I'm sure John Hackleman appreciates the Rocky V treatment. And I'm a little surprised they left off Dana's world record for fastest kick with a knockout (72 mph) at the 1975 Kumite.

I was hoping to take potshots at the Masters as an organization, but after finding out they inducted Bob Wall (O'Hara, Carl Miller) back in 2000, they get a free pass this time around.

2006 inductee "Big" John McCarthy has been tapped as special guest speaker, presumably to announce the inductions of White and Couture.

I guess Bruce Buffer doesn't qualify. At least not until he finishes coaching, training and mentoring Georges St. Pierre.

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