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Bodogs Calvin Ayre offers UFCs Dana White VIP treatment

bodog girls
Calvin Ayre – the zillionaire who owns the Bodog online gambling empire – recently offered UFC President Dana White an "offer he can't refuse" for July 14, according to

Here it is:

"Since, regrettably, I am unable to attend the upcoming Bodog Fight event in New Jersey, I will offer to send my private jet - complete with an assortment of beautiful Bodog Girls - to pick up Mr. White, wherever he may be. I will then fly him to the east coast where he will enjoy a front row seat to our next event, followed by a VIP evening including a comfortable five-star overnight stay in a nearby Atlantic City hotel. After hitting the poker tables, Mr. White can retire to his lavish suite, sip the finest champagne and relax in the knowledge that all amenities and services are complimentary as my way of saying 'thank-you' for all the money he keeps making me."

Under the Bodog banner there also exists a mixed martial arts promotion, which includes a reality series much like The Ultimate Fighter (TUF). BodogFight will host a show in Trenton, N.J., that features Eddie Alvarez vs. Matt Lee for the Bodog 170-pound title.

Former UFC fighter Trevor Prangley will also be on the card. I've watched him twice on Bodog and each time he has been impressive, beating the snot out of his opponents.

Aside from Prangley, a complicated association with Fedor Emelianenko and a few other fighters -- not to mention the ring girls -- Bodog doesn't have much on the UFC.

Regardless, this does make for some entertainment and competition.

What does Dana White think about this? Naturally, he's not the biggest fan of Calvin.

Have a listen:

For more on the "criminal" (or is it brilliant) allegations regarding Ayre check out this extensive article in Forbes -- it'll blow your mind.

Not to be outdone, Ayre told reporters that he was going to "shave his head" to be more like Dana.

Here's the video:

White has been known to sit ringside during events put on by the "competition" such as PRIDE FC back before it became a Zuffa product.

It remains to be seen whether or not Dana will take up Calvin on his latest offer -- something tells me he won't.

What a waste of an experience ... I'm more than willing to fill-in.

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