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UFC 72 results and coverage -- LIVE

UFC 72 Results

Ladies and gentleman ... It's time!

UFC 72: "Victory" is set for this afternoon, June 16, at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, northern Ireland.

The pay-per-view (PPV) portion of the card will begin at 3 p.m. ET/noon PT.

Up-to-the-minute quick updates for the undercard action, which began around 1 p.m. ET, have already begun. We'll have live blow-by-blow blogging during the main card action. reader DrubySunshine will check in a little before the main card starts at 3 p.m. to deliver a detailed account as it happens, LIVE.

Thanks again for stopping in for our LIVE coverage and commentary of UFC 72. Feel free to leave a comment or 10 before you leave and chat with many of our readers during the show — it always turns out to be a good time.

Don't forget also that we will be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis following UFC 72.

For UFC 72 results just click the link below. WARNING: There are potential spoilers contained in the jump.

Quick results:

Rich Franklin defeats Yushin Okami via unanimous decision
Forrest Griffin defeats Hector Ramirez via unanimous decision.
Jason MacDonald defeats Rory Singer via technical knockout (strikes) in round two.
Tyson Griffin defeats Clay Guida via split decision.
Ed Herman defeats Scott Smith via submission (rear naked choke) in round two.
Marcus Davis defeats Jason Tan via knockout in round one.
Eddie Sanchez defeats Colin Robinson via technical knockout (strikes) in round two.
Dustin Hazelett defeats Stevie Lynch via submission (anaconda choke) in round one.

Play-by-play live main card commentary:

Drubysunshine here to give the blow by blow hardhitting action of what I think is a very underrated Belfast card. Its almost time so sit back and enjoy folks this one should be a card that has a little bit of everything for us fight fans.

Note — This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest results. Remember to REFRESH the page for the latest updates!

Rich Franklin vs. Yushin Okami (185-pound limit)
Round one: Rich Franklin looks extremely focused and intense. Okami calm and confident. The crowd is pro-Franklin. Okami is huge he looks much bigger than Rich. Both fighters touch gloves. A quick exchange of punches. Both guys are southpaws. Feeling each other out. Head kick by Okami. Franklin looks calm. Okami lands a right. Body shot by Franklin. Leg kick by Okami. Nice left by Okami. Knee from Okami. Very slow pace right now. Okami is refusing to chase Franklin. Okami lands a right. They clinched up against the cage. Some knees from Ace. Okami throws some knees. Big John sperated them. Huge leg kick by Rich. Franklin is looking for his distance. Leg kick by Franklin. Big leg kick by Ace. The crowd is booing for the slow pace. Okami looks comfortable with it, Franklin a little frustrated.

Round two: Nice right by Okami. Franklin with a leg kick. Nice left by Ace. Okami with a right. Franklin follows with a right and a head kick. Leg kick by Franklin, Okami counters with one of his own. Okami shoots and has underhooks. Franklin pushed him into the fence. The crowd is booing the slow pace once again. Both fighters using knees from the clinch then Big John separates them. Leg kick by Ace. HUGE right by Okami he stuns Rich a little. Body shot by Franklin. Head kick by Okami, followed by a right hook. Nice combo by Franklin. Head kick from Franklin. HUGE left from Rich. The bell rings and more booing from the crowd. Franklin looks to have hurt his left hand at the end of the round. this fight is very slow paced Okami needs more offense and Rich looks hesitant.

Round three: Okami misses a flying knee. Nice right by Okami countered by a leg kick from Ace. Body shot from Franklin. Body kick from Ace. Both fighters clinch up, Okami takes him down and now has side control. Okami working for half guard while dropping punches. Full mount for Okami! Franklin is scrambling! Okami keeps full guard. Okami lands some elbows. Franklin scrambles, but Okami has a guillotine. Franklin escapes and is now on top trying to mount but he looks tired. Ace throws down Okami now their on the feet. Okami is going for a Kimura! Its deep!! Franklin escapes!! Hes now on top, Franklin lands an elbow. The bell rings. Round 3 was how I imagined the whole fight it was good action, might be too little to late for Okami however. Franklin needs to be thanking his lucky stars that he got out of that Kimura b/c it was locked DEEP and it looked like he would lose for the 45 seconds it was locked in. But to his credit he toughed his way out of it. Eddie Bravo has it 29-28 for Franklin. Id have to agree. However this was a lackluster performance by both fighters.

Result: Rich "Ace" Franklin via unanimous decision.


Forrest Griffin vs. Hector Ramirez (205-pound limit)

Round one: Forrest throws a leg kick followed bu a right. Griffen lands a right then Ramirez gets a take down and is in half guard. Forrest scrambles to the feet. Head kick by Griffen. Leg kick by Griffen. Forrest lands a left Ramirez counters with an uppercut. More leg kicks by Forrest. Huge left and right by Ramirez! Two knees by Forrest. Forrest is cut under his eye. Body kick and a jab by Forrest. Ramirez is throwing haymakers. Head kick by Forrest. Ramirez counter with a right. Another head kick by Ramirez. Huge right by Forrest! Leg kick by Forrest followed with two great punches. Two more kicks by Forrest with a HUGE head kick. Ramirez counters. Another leg kick by Griffen followed by a right. That round goes to Forrest by a nose in what was a solid overall round for both fighters.

Round two: Forrest comes out with another kick, Ramirez clinches Griffen lands some great knees to the body. High kick by Griffen. Right hand by Forrest. Ramirez lands a rolling uppercut. Both fighter pacing themselves. Forrest lands a combo. Great leg kick by Forrest. Forrest is pushing the action. Ramirez lands a solid right. Head kick by Forrest. Body kick by Ramirez. Forrest lands a HUGE combo! Another head kick by Forrest Sick dog counters with a right. Leg kick by Griffen. HUGE right, Forrest is landing BOMBS. Stoppage due to a knee to the groin from Griffen. Ramirez looks gassed. STarts backup huge kick ot the head by Griffen. Ramirez is trying to land a haymaker. Forrest working his combo's. Griffen lands a solid right. Ramirez looks frustrated. That round again goes to Forrest, his boxing is just extremely sharp. Ramirez is getting an earful from Ibarra in his corner.

Round three: Ramirez says he cant feel his left leg in his corner. Forrest has worked it. Huge left by Griffen followed by a combo and head kick. Three uppercuts from the clinch by Griffen. Ramirez shoots! He lands 2 rights, but Griffen scrambles. Leg kick by Griffen. Griffen looks calm and confident Ramirez frustrated still. Left right combo by Forrest followed by a head then body kick. Big knee from the clinch by Griffen. Monster leg kick by Forrest! Ramirez is limping heavily. Uppercut by Forrest. Two jabs by Forrest followed by a huge right and knee! Great combo by Forrest and another leg kick followed by a ighi kick. Superman punch followed by 2 uppercuts by Griffen! Two more huge body shots. Head kick by Forrest! The bell rings, this one looks like a unanimous decision for Forrest. He looked much more calm and decisively better with his hands not to mention his vicious leg kicks. Eddie Bravo has it 29-28 for Forrest.

Result: Forrest Griffen via unanimous decision.


Jason MacDonald vs. Rory Singer (185-pound limit)

Round one: Both fighters distancing themselves. Leg kick by McDonald. Both fighters tie up. Up against the cage in a clinch the Athlete is working foot stomps. MacDonald goes for the sinlge leg but is stopped. Singer with a solid knee from the clinch. Singer nails two knees follwed by two solid rights but gets taken down. McDonald on top in Singers full guard. MacDonald throws some good pucnhes. ROry with two great upkicks and scrambles to his feet. MacDonald shoots but is stuffed. Rory with a knee from the blicnh and lands in full mount! SInger has his back! MacDonald reverses to the top in Rorys full guard. MacDonald is bleeding from the side of his head from one of the knees. Singer locks in a triangle! MacDonald is saved by the bell Singer might have finished him. I give that round to Singer.

Round two: They touch gloves, Singer looks confident. Leg kick by Jason. MacDonald shoots and gets the take down and now is in Rorys full guard. MacDonald punching to the body. Elbow by MacDonald. Another body shot by the Athlete. Now MacDonald is sparying punches but the crowd is booing wanting more action. MacDonald with some Heavy body shots from Rorys guard. MacDonal in full mount!! Hes raining punches! This might be it!!! MacDonald rains 3 elbows and thats it the ref stops it! Rory looked dominant the whole fight, but seem to loose his edge and energy working from the bottom and Jason MacDonald took advantage of that for the victory.

Result: Jason MacDonald via TKO (strikes) at 3:18 of the 2nd round.


Tyson Griffin vs. Clay Guida (155-pound limit)

Round one: Both fighters looking for their distance. Short exchange. Griffen with a leg kick, Guida going for a takedown Griffen lands a sick uppercut. Guida gets the takedown, Griffen has the guillotine. Griffen still has it in half guard. Guida escapes. Their back to the feet. Griffen has his back and drops two punches. Another scramble, Girffen hits two more punches and a knee. Guida with a knee to the body from the clinch. Griffen lands a solid knee. HUGE right by Griffen and counter by Guida with a great counter right. Both guys exchange jabs. Griffen lands a good uppercut followed by a headkick. Guida with great right. Griffens takedown defense is remarkable.

Round two: Griffen throws a huge haymaker. Girffen with a sharp jab. Headkick by Guida then a scramble, but Griffen stops the takedown again! Guida is relentless. Guida gets a takedown, but Griffen is in top. Back to the feet both fighters exchange punches. Leg kick by griffen. Guida with a headkick and goes for the takedown. Griffen with a German suplex. Griffen on top. This is great action! Guida is on top then switches into a knee bar! Giriffen raining BEAST body shots while in the knee bar!! Griffen now has aheel hook, Guida spins out! WOW! Guida has the back with both hooks! Guida has choke, but Griffen slams hit out. Guida still no his back but is high. Griffen trying to scramble out. This is a great back and forth fight!!! It looks dead even through 2, both guys are relentless this is non stop!!

Round three: Last round both guys exchange. Guida working a jab. Both fighters exhange and Girffen land a knee followed by a body kick. Guida shoots. Girffen escapes. Leg kick by Grifen counter with a right then Guida shoots! Giffen with great defense. Guida has the back, but Griffen rolls. Heel hook by Griffen with some hammer fists. Guida with sick backfists!! WOW! Guida on top in half guard. Guida has his back but Griffen rolls again! Guida on top in half guard. Guida dropping some puches. Elbows from the bottom by Griffen. Griffen has full guard from bottom. Griffen lands an up kick! Hammer fists by Guida. Guida still on top in half guard. Guida throwing punches. WOW this is a great fight Guida raining punches to close it out. I think Guida edged this fight out in the 3rd, but WOW this was an amazing amazing fight. Incredible action, non stop. Eddie Bravo has it 29-28 for Guida.

Result: Tyson Griffin via Split Decision


Ed Herman vs. Scott Smith (185-pound limit)

Round one: Herman throws a left then a sick takedown. Herman in Smiths full guard. Herman raining body shotsdown.Ed posturing up. Dropping some punches. Smith gets it to the feet and now their clinched. Herman relentless with the pressure pushing the pace. Smith throws a left. Herman nailing knees out of the clinch. Slam by Herman, almost falls into a guillotine. Herman keeping the pace moving with punches from Smiths full guard. Herman lands a couple elbows. HUGE elbow by Herman and he cuts up Smith badly! Herb Dean stops it to check the cut, but Smith is good to go. Smith wit a couple hammer fists from his back. Ed is posturing up perfectly and continuously raining elbows and punches. Smith reverses! Hes on top now going for a leg lock! Now Herman escapes and has Smiths back. Herman sinks a choke then Smith reverses! Thats the end of rd 1 Herman dominated, but Smith is putting in a gutsy performance.

Round two: Both guys are breathing deeply. Looking for distance. Herman shoots for a takedown, Smith stops is and is going for a guillotine. Herman gets a take down, but Smith has the guillotine in DEEP. Herman escapes! WOW great action. Herman in Smiths full guard and throwing some bombs. Another vicious elbow. Two more monstrous elbows! Herman has Smiths back sinks in a choke and Smith taps out!! WOW, Great performance by Herman he looked great his best fight ever and Smith was respectable and never stopped working.

Result: Ed Herman via Rear Naked Choke 2:25 of the 2nd round.


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