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Stunnhilator stuns Tito, UFCmania readers


With a score of 141,277 meters, UFCmania reader "Stunnhilator" kicked Tito's ass the farthest in our one-day ass-kicking competition.

Congrats, Stunnhilator, now leave me alone!

Just kidding.

I'll probably slip a little something extra in the package, but the prize for this specific contest is a free UFC DVD.

Pick one from the following:

  • UFC 60: Hughes vs. Gracie
  • UFC 61: "Bitter Rivals"
  • UFC 59: "Reality Check"

Thanks to everyone who sent in their submissions (and there were a lot of them to go through). It was fun.

I also want to assure our other recent UFC 71 caption contest winners that their prizes are also on the way -- we haven't forgotten. We're just waiting on a few things ... thanks for the patience.

Lastly, we'll be doing a few other cool contests here at real soon.

And the prizes will get better ... trust me.

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