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Vernon White: Chuck Liddell "Just got out of Rehab"


Former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell was in rehab for a drug addiction.

That's according to former Liddell opponent and ex-UFC fighter Vernon "Tiger" White in an interview with

From the Lion's Den fighter himself:

I can't badmouth Chuck. He just came off a hard loss. Chuck just got out of rehab, but I do have to say it was stupid for him to come out of rehab and fight Quinton the way he fought him. He should have fought a smarter fight. Quinton's my boy; I love you, and hold that belt forever.

Interesting to note that White doesn't want to badmouth Chuck yet nonchalantly calls him a drug addict in the same thought.

Perhaps White is still bitter about his loss to Liddell back at UFC 49 where he accuses Chuck of using his eye socket for a bowling ball.

White was forced to have reconstructive surgery following his loss to Liddell to repair the orbital bone that he claims was "blown out" by an errant finger courtesy of The Iceman.

Later in the interview White tries to distance himself from the quote with the tried-and-true "I heard it from a friend."

I'd heard he'd been in drug rehab for an addiction and got back in the cage too soon...I heard it from a close friend, so maybe I shouldn't have commented on it. After seeing him nod off on that talk show it seems very reliable. His publicist should be shot for letting him in public in that condition.

Whether or not there is any validity to this claim is uncertain. Of course anything is possible, but I find it unlikely the UFC could keep a stint in rehab quiet for this long, especially with a fighter as popular as Liddell.

It will be interesting to see how the Liddell camp responds to this latest attack, if they choose to respond at all.

Liddell has always been good at fighting defensively. He may need that skill now more than ever.

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