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UFC Quick Quote: Tito 'The Crippler' Ortiz sounds off onEvans

tito ortiz from mexico

"I am three weeks into training here in Big Bear and it is going smoothly. I have 4 perfect training partners that keep me strong and on my toes. I feel incredible, my body snapped back into peak performance in no time flat. I certainly expected that since, I really never STOP training. I purchased The De La Hoya compound here in Big Bear and it makes training so much easier than having to drive forever to train, and then drive somewhere else to wrestle... and then drive home to run my 3 miles a day. There are two large homes on the fully gated property with a huge gym with a full weight training facility, octagon, steam room and putting green (although my golfing doesnt weigh in on my skills in the octagon). I am really pumped on caving Rashads face in ... more focused than I have ever been I think. He really has no idea what he is in for...I guess until you get your ass kicked really good, you never really do. I am going to make him rethink his career in the UFC. Maybe he should go back to flipping burgers after I put him in a wheel chair."

-- UFC light heavyweight Tito Ortiz provides a colorful training update via MySpace about his upcoming fight with Rashad Evans at UFC 73: "Stacked" on July 7. It was far more fiery than his video interview with, during which he is far more respectful of Evans, as well as calls UFC President Dana White the "PuppetMaster" and former 205-pound champ Chuck Liddell his "Puppet."

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