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More UFC bashing: Now we're all 'Neanderthals'

By Jesse Holland

Brian Vanochten of The Grand Rapids Press recently posted an article on discussing – get this - his contempt for the UFC.

Pretty groundbreaking stuff.

It's difficult for me to comprehend how a writer of even the slightest competence can be so creatively bankrupt as to resort to an anti-UFC rant like the one he's presented.

I hate to use a term like "been there, done that" but it's been a long time since journalists first started running a train on the UFC, and Vanochten's contribution is about as dry and painful as one would expect from his place in line.

A deluge of athletes and journalists have been jumping on the UFC bashing bandwagon as of late, and I find the timing of his article anything but coincidental.

I could take the time to dissect his commentary on the evils of cage fighting and the warped "Neanderthals" who follow it, but both the context and content of his post are nothing more than a plagiarized jeremiad borrowed from more qualified critics.

Those critics include boxers like Floyd Mayweather and Tommy Morrison, and while their condemnation of the UFC was equally ignorant, they do have a legitimate gripe: Both are standing on a sinking ship with no land in sight.

Vanochten on the other hand, sounds like a little boy intimidated by an entity that he does not understand. Because he is still not able to accept the idea that it's okay for human beings to have varying tastes and opinions, he must categorize and generalize.

Like most detractors, he's made little effort to research or experience the complexities of mixed martial arts. Instead, he simply plays it safe and mocks from a distance, like those two creepy old Muppets who used to talk shit from the theatre balcony.

I understand at this point in my life that the kind of behavior that Vanochten exhibits is born of insecurity. And one look at his mugshot confirms it. This is a man who is self-loathing and afraid. Afraid of not being accepted for being who he is.

I am bald

If I were wrong then he would not be clinging to that horrific and painfully obvious comb-over. Having eighteen inches of hair growing out of the side of your head and pasted to your scalp doesn't exactly reek of confidence.

People will accept him for being bald. Just as people will accept him for being an incompetent writer. That unholy union of cilia he's trying to pass off as hair is obviously a shallow attempt at hiding a deeper insecurity.

To that end, so was his article.

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