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TUF 5: Ruediger released from UFC, eyes K-1 debut(UPDATED)

GAbe Godzilla Ruediger
UPDATE: Ruediger has been deemed "mentally unfit" to particpate on this card by the California State Athletic Commission, according to a report fromÂÂ

Former contestant on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 5 and fugu Gabe Ruediger was prematurely released from his UFC contract on May 18, according to

Ruediger is probably best known for his infamous run on this season of the mixed martial arts reality series, during which he failed to make weight for his bout against fellow contestant Corey Hill.

Prior to imploding on the reality series, Ruediger was KOed by a body shot in his debut at UFC 63 against Melvin Guillard.

Now apparently unemployed, "Godzilla" has verbally agreed to fight Olympic medalist and K-1 veteran Katsuhiko Nagata at a future event.

How Ruediger will fair in K-1 is anybody's guess, but fighting at a catch weight of 161 pounds gives him a greater margin for error when it comes time to cut.

Fans of Ruediger (I'm sure they're out there somewhere) can check out all the latest at his official Web site. While it still lists last year's match against Guillard as "breaking news," it's still worth the trip to see this gem:

Swift as the wind
Silent as the forest
Fierce as fire
Immovable as a mountain

Folks, some people just bring it upon themselves.

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