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TUF 5 Finale: Marlon Sims and Noah Thomas set to fight ...again

TUF 5 finale Marlon Sims and Noah Thomas
Lightweight contestants on this season of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 5 -- Marlon Sims and Noah Thomas -- will settle their backyard brawl during the show at the TUF 5 Finale on June 23, according to

The two eliminated fighters got into an argument late one night and it escalated into a rather heated scuffle. Cheapshots, head kicks and slams into the pavement were just a few of the highlights.

To check out some of the video footage click here.

Once the dust settled UFC President Dana White dropped in the next day to share his disappointment with the cast -- not just Thomas and Sims. He went on a rather calm tirade, telling the contestants that they were feeding into the "stereotype" that he has busted his ass over the years from which he has tried to distance the organization and ultimately the sport.

White made some truly great points after the fact. He then booted Thomas, Sims and instigator Alan Berubie from the house.

To be honest, after his speech I thought we'd never see them in the Octagon again.

So why reward these clowns with more exposure and more or less validate the incident?

Quick answer: Ratings.

And that's just disgraceful.

(Update: Check out Steve Seivert's post over at Brawl Sports about this match up -- he said it better than me.)

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