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UFC 71 fighter paydays and salaries

It pays to fightÂÂ just received the fighter payouts for UFC 71 from the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) for the event held on May 26th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada:

Quinton Jackson - $225,000
Chuck Liddell - $500,000
Jackson defeated Liddell via KO in round one

Karo Parisyan - $32,000
Josh Burkman - $7,000
Parisyan defeated Burkman via unanimous decision

Terry Martin - $12,000
Ivan Salaverry - $17,500
Martin defeated Salaverry via TKO in round one

Houston Alexander - $8,000
Keith Jardine - $7,000
Alexander defeated Jardine via TKO in round one

Kalib Starnes - $10,000
Chris Leben - $10,000
Starnes defeated Leben via unanimous decision

Thiago Silva - $16,000
James Irvin - $7,000
Silva defeated Irvin via TKO in round oneÂÂ

Alan Belcher - $14,000
Sean Salmon - $3,000
Belcher defeated Salmon via guillotine choke in round one

Din Thomas - $28,000
Jeremy Stephens - $3,000
Thomas defeated Stephens via armbar in round two

Wilson Gouveia - $16,000
Carmelo Marrero - $5,000
Gouveia defeated Marrero via guillotine choke in round one

The total payroll for UFC 71 as reported was $920,500. Keep in mind this number does not include signing bonuses, sponsorships, pay-per-view percentages and other unofficial bonuses.

Also not included is the "fight of the night" bonus that went to Kalib Starnes and Chris Leben (though some sites have it going to Parisyan/Burkman).

Nor does it include the "submission of the night" bonus awarded to Din Thomas and "knockout of the night" bonus that went to Quinton Jackson.

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