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Chuck Liddell: Redefining the clubbed foot

Chuck Liddell party ufc 71
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

And from these pics (1), (2), it looks like Chuck Liddell stays in Vegas - even if he's fighting the next day.

Our comrades over at UFCcountdown are uncovering multiple reports of the former light heavyweight champion club-hopping as early as Sunday the 20th and as late as Friday the 25th.

And somewhere in between those two dates the shutterbugs from Spy on Vegas show Liddell getting all touchy-feely at clubs like Body English and Jet.

Not exactly the kind of regiment that prepares you for the biggest fight of your career.

Many UFC fans were vocal about the appearance of a tired and bloated Liddell at the weigh-ins for UFC 71 last Friday night.

In fairness to Chuck, his prodigious girth is hardly news. While I'd love to have my beer gut be as taut as the Iceman's, at Friday's weigh-in it looked unusually pronounced.

The nightlife, along with his recent run as MMA's media darling, could have shortchanged him - in every sense of the word.

The loss to Rampage cost him a victory bonus in the range of $500,000.

Worse than that, his less than stellar performance may have shortchanged some of his fans.

The cost of that could be immeasurable.

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