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The Ultimate Fighter 6: Trigg for hire

Frank Trigg
Looks like Matt Serra has an unexpected ally in his feud with Matt Hughes.

Former UFC welterweight contender Frank "Twinkle Toes" Trigg is offering his services as wrestling coach to current champion and future coach Matt "The Terror" Serra in preparation for season six of The Ultimate Fighter.

Trigg tells MMAWeekly:

"I offered it to Matt two weeks ago when he was on our show. I said look man you don't have a wrestling coach. I'd love to come and be your wrestling coach and strength and conditioning coach for the team, so bring me on. He said, you know what? I'd like to have you come in. He's got to figure out if the powers that be will let me come on. I'd love to do it. Believe me. I'd love to coach a team against dickhead over there and I'd definitely like to be on Serra's team proving that dickhead isn't that good a coach."

I for one don't expect Hughes to be winning any congeniality awards, but this sounds to me like someone who's still bitter about their run in the UFC.

Trigg is probably best known for his two defeats at the hands of Hughes - both by rear naked choke - at UFC 45 and then again at UFC 52.

What made his second loss to Hughes so memorable was the gritty and improbable comeback by then-champion Hughes after Trigg delivered an unintentional low blow.

The comeback - still a highlight reel favorite - is probably one of the best in UFC history and likely haunts Trigg to this day.

My first instinct is to welcome him with open arms. I like fireworks just as much as the next guy and two New Yorkers against one farmboy has Chernobyl written all over it.

Then again I don't want to add another storyline into a show that seems to be less and less about the fighters it supposedly features.

I think I've had enough of that in season five to last me straight through to season seven.

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