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UFC 71: Salaverry talks about hangin up the gloves

Ivan Salaverry
Ivan Salaverry will return to the Octagon this evening for the first time in almost two years when he squares off against Terry Martin at UFC 71 in a middleweight showdown.

Unfortunately, his future with the UFC — or as a competitive mixed martial artist for that matter — is uncertain, according to the Canadian Press.

Here's a snip from Ivan:

"This could be it for me, I honestly can tell you. I had a very nice career. I've talked it over with my wife and family, and the priorities are really going into the school (Salaverry's gym), teaching, maybe some promotions, creating a fight team. Things of that nature."

Color me one of the fans who was thrilled to see him back in the UFC 185-pound fray.

He catches a lot of heat for being rather "unexciting," but I think most of those pundits only think as far back to the abortion at UFC Fight Night in 2005.

On that night, Salaverry dropped a unanimous decision in the main event of the evening to Nathan Marquardt. The fight was so dull that Ivan eventually was dropped from his contract (he lobbied hard for a rematch) and Marquardt has toiled in relative obscurity.

(Even though Nate now does have a fight lined up against UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva at UFC 73: "Stacked" later this year.)

Regardless, Salaverry is a very game — and dangerous — opponent, piling up an impressive record (12-4) since his professional career began back in 1999.

In the article, Salaverry considers his return to the UFC as, "basically business."

Here's another snip:

"It's not so much that I care or I'm giddy to go back to the UFC. I'm in contract so I have to fight. So fight I will."

Boy, can you say apathetic?

Don't get me wrong, Salaverry may come out inspired and want to end his storied career on a high note.

But I think after reading that I'm going to bet on Martin — he's on his way in, while Salaverry sounds like he already checked out.

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