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Captain America and The Axe Murderer: MMA's new dynamic duo?

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Talk about oil and water.

Randy Couture has apparently been schmoozing with PRIDE's former middleweight champion Wanderlei Silva according to The Fight Network, and like the difference in nicknames, the two have an equal difference in style.

And that difference is what "The Natural" finds so appealing:

"Wanderlei and I sat down with our wives and we had lunch in Ohio. He's a very nice guy and we are both very interested in getting together to train. I'm looking for some Muay Thai influence to go with Xtreme Couture's wrestling and other offerings, so there is a good possibility this could happen."

Couture also indicated that Silva could be a presence at the launching of his Xtreme Couture facility in West Palm Beach later this year.

While at first I was a little giddy at the idea of Randy Couture bringing a Chute Boxe style of Muay Thai into his arsenal, I've always been one to caution that if it isn't broke, don't fix it.

Then again what better way to defend a style as deadly as Silva's then by training with the man himself. And the exposure his students will get is bound to pay dividends.

For my money I still think Silva's getting the better of the deal. Either way it seems like an unusual alliance.

I guess opposites really do attract.

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