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Sports Illustrated: Ultimate Fighting is "The New Main Event"

Sports Illustrated cover of Huerta, Ultimate Fighting

Goodbye pink elephant, hello 800lb gorilla.ÂÂ


Mixed martial arts and the UFC are chic. How else can you explain the newfound attention from ESPN and Sports Illustrated, two of sports biggest powerhouses?ÂÂ

L. John Wertheim has an in-depth look at mixed martial arts in the new issue of Sports Illustrated, and while it carefully examines without condoning, I'm happy to report it's not the chopping block we've come to expect from the media's keyboard cowards.ÂÂ

In fact I probably prefer his neutral position. I'm confident the sport can stand-or fall on its own merits. Too much praise sounds like marketing hype. Too little becomes a smear campaign.ÂÂ

Somewhere in the middle and the layman might just check it out.ÂÂ

After all, I could tell you how exhilarating it was to watch Randy Couture drop Tim Sylvia in the opening seconds of round one at UFC 68, but my words can't give you the rush of actually seeing it.ÂÂ

This has to be considered tremendous exposure, and I'm sure the UFC brass shares my excitement of a mainstream publication like SI spreading the gospel.ÂÂ

And how pumped is Roger Huerta to be on the cover kicking ass?

Click here to check out the article.

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