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UFC 71: Parisyan and Burkman look to 'steal theshow'

Welterweights Karo Parisyan and Josh Burkman are looking to put on exciting performances in their bout that will outshine the main event between light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell and Quinton Jackson at UFC 71 this Saturday night, according to

Here's a snip from "The Heat:"

"I don't want to sound cocky, but I've stole a lot of shows before. I was on the undercard and I've stolen shows. I go to fight. I bring everything I have into a fight. I'm going to test Josh. I'm going to stand in front of Josh because a lot of guys Josh has fought, they really haven't really pushed Josh, and I'm one of those guys because I will push Josh and see where I can take him. Josh also comes to fight so look for fireworks. I'm going to unleash everything I have on Josh Burkman."

And from "The People's Warrior:"

"I think part of me always tries to put on a show. If I was just going out there to win, I don't think I'd go out there and pick people up and slam them. I'd probably just go for an easy little takedown. I feed off the crowd. When the crowd gets loud and gets hyped, I get hyped. I mean, not only am I a fighter, but I'm an entertainer and I like to entertain the crowd. I always have a little bit of that in me that I want to put on a show."

Based on previous fights, this does have all the makings of quite a brawl on the surface.

Parisyan loves to toss dudes around the Octagon with his superior Judo, and Burkman prefers to slam his opponents to the canvas and punish them.

Put simply, both fighters are extremely aggressive, high-energy types who come to scrap.

Sometimes things aren't always as they appear, however.

Look no further than the over-hyped bout between 170-pound prospects Diego Sanchez and Josh Koscheck at UFC 69, which turned out to be the most painful-to-watch 15 minutes of mixed martial arts in recent UFC history.

And to 'steal the show' that would mean that the Liddell-Jackson rematch would either have to be a dud, or the Parisyan-Burkman showdown would have to be off the charts.

Lord do I hope it's the latter.

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