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Surprise! Couture will NOT train with Tito Ortiz prior to UFC 73

Tito Ortiz will crush Wandi and KO HendoIn an interview we passed along yesterday, light heavyweight Tito Ortiz claimed that Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture would help him prepare for his upcoming bout with Rashad Evans at UFC 73: "Stacked" up in the mountains of "Big Bear."

One small problem: "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" doesn't know what he is talking about. had the wherewithal to contact Sean O'Heir, Director of Public Relations for Xtreme Couture, about the statement.

Here's the snip:

"Randy Couture is not going to Big Bear to train with Tito Ortiz. Randy Couture is not training with Tito, period."

In the interview, Ortiz made it sound as if it was not only a very real possibilty, but he was counting on "The Natural" to be there.

Now he is either terribly misinformed, wishful or just talking out of his ass. Because the statement from O'Heir is rather matter-of-fact and emphatic.

Apologies to all the readers who commented on the post yesterday -- should have done some due diligence of my own.

I guess I'm naive to think that Ortiz can actually say something without me having to dig a little deeper to find out if he is indeed telling the whole truth.

Maybe this is how UFC President Dana White feels on some small and seemingly insignificant level.

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