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UFC Quick Quote: Leben talks about leaving UFC forICON

UFC chris leben thinks on moving to ICON sport

"I hate to say it, but I'm counting the days on my contract ... because then I'm going to be able to cash in with this contract because I signed a contract on the show [The Ultimate Fighter]. I just got a raise. I'm up to like $10,000 and $10,000 now after like 8 fights in the UFC. There's going to be people that want to pay me a lot more money and hopefully the UFC will realize how great I've been for them and step up to the plate. And if they do, I'll stay with the UFC, obviously. But if they don't, I'll go fight in ICON Sport and make some money and bring some attention to that show."

-- UFC middleweight fighter Chris Leben -- who is moving out to Hawaii after his upcoming fight with Kalib Starnes at UFC 71 to train at the Icon Sport Gym -- tells that he might try out other promotions if the UFC doesn't pay him what other organizations are prepared to pay him when his contract is up.

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