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UFC Quick Quote: Fitch talks about training forCarneiro

UFC fight night 10 fighter jon fitch talks about roan carneiro

"He [Roan Carneiro] is a really good wrestler, really good ground control. I've been doing a lot of situational type of stuff as far as my ground work and starting off in a really bad position. He's pretty good at controlling positions so I'm putting myself in really bad situations and make myself fight out of them. Anytime I face a good grappler like Roan I spend a lot of time starting off in submissions and working my way out, so it should be a really great ground game.... It's a style difference. I wouldn't say better, but we both have different styles. He has a very controlling style. He's a very good wrestler so he's going to be hard to take down. He does a good job of getting off of his back and getting back on top. He doesn't open up a lot with elbows and punches and he's not a huge finisher. He dominates his positions and he actively looks to pass guard, but he doesn't come up with a lot of submissions. His favorite choke is an anaconda choke. He allows guys to sit up, and baits them, and as they escape he slaps that choke on, so I'm wary of that. I think it should be a match-up of who has the better wrestling and better jiu jitsu."

-- UFCmania-sponsored welterweight Jon Fitch talks about gameplanning for his upcoming opponent Roan Carneiro -- with whom many casual UFC fans are unfamiliar -- at UFC Fight Night 10 on June 12 at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino with

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