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Karo 'Big Head' Parisyan is the best

karo big head parisyan
UFC welterweight contender Karo Parisyan likes to talk a lot ... about himself.

I read this interview over at today and realized that "The Heat" has never really lost a fight in his own mind.

Neither has Nick Diaz (besides the technical knockout loss to Jeremy Jackson) according to Nick Diaz. And these two actually fought one another.

I'm going to call him "Big Head."


Because Karo Parisyan has a big head.

Here are just a few snips:

I annihilated Jason [Miller].... I'll tell you how bad it was, it was so bad that the doctor threw the towel in.

Antonio Mckee who was an unbelievable wrestler, an amazing wrestler. I beat Antonio....

... two-time Jiu Jitsu world champion Fernando Vasconcelos. This is a guy they were saying was bullet proof. So I beat Fernando. I cut him up but it went to a decision because he is unbelievably good and I beat him up pretty bad.

... I trained two weeks for St. Pierre and I cut 16 pounds in 2 days.... I wasn't really ready for that fight and come to think of it, I almost finished the fight 3 times in there. In the 3rd round I had his arm and I was almost breaking his arm and I had no strength to finish it and St. Pierre just beat me on just trying to hold me and trying to just get me tired because I was throwing 75 submissions on him every round and I just had no strength or energy to finish the moves off.

... I mauled Shonie Carter for the title.... He never took me down once, not even close. I threw him maybe seven times.... I didn't really train for that fight that much either because I had a snapped groin muscle. I snapped my groin muscle and I couldn't do anything. But thank god it went good and I beat him pretty decisively.

... I didn't think anything of him [Nick Diaz]. He looked very weak to me and his punches didn't look that strong. His submissions didn't look like anything so I just mauled him.... he is a tough guy, he's a real tough guy. He has good technique but he is just not that strong physically. He's weak, but he has good technique.

... I didn't care about his [Matt Serra] Jiu Jitsu.... as far as him having something for me, he had nothing.... I put him in this beautiful arm bar, rear naked choke, I passed his guard, got side control. I've never beaten anyone that bad in my life.

... I got poked in my eye so hard right off the bat [against Diego Sanchez]. I almost quit the fight ... my orbital was fractured because he thumbed me... Nobody would know how much pain I was in, nobody.... Until this day, there is no fucking way I lost that fight. I annihilated Diego Sanchez.

... I have trained with Burkman very briefly up in Big Bear. I trained with him a little bit. He's nothing special. Good in everything, not great in anything, one of those guys. So I'm just trying to get rid of this fight and god willing when I win this fight we will see what is gonna happen bro.

"Big Head" is one of the top fighters at 170 pounds without a doubt. His fights are always entertaining. And his upcoming bout with Burkman will more than likely be a war.

But boy does "Big Head" have a really big head.

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