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UFC Quick Quote: Bonnar talks steroids

ufc light heavyweight stephan bonnar

"I was desperate. My right elbow had been bad for a while, and I hurt it bad getting ready for Rashad [Evans on June 28]. Right after that fight, I thought I'd have some time off to do some therapy, rehab and heal. And five days later, I get a call to fight Forrest in a month and a half. I was worried. I was looking for something to speed up the healing. I just was worried I was not going to be able to fight, and they needed me. This wasn't an undercard fight; it was the main event. Pulling out was not an option."

-- UFC light heavyweight Stephan Bonnar tells the Chicago Sun-Times the reason he resorted to taking steroids prior to his UFC 62 rematch with Forrest Griffin. Bonnar lost that fight via unanimous decision, tested positive for the banned substance and served a seven-month suspension. He's set to return against Mike Nickels at UFC 73 on July 7.

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