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UFC Quick Quote: Chuck goes off on Tito

Chuck Liddell talks about Tito Ortiz

"Tito's whole take on this is killing me [the three-round boxing session with UFC President Dana White that never happened] ... boxing is a different sport, and it's a sport he's definitely not real good at. That's not his thing. His thing is wrestling, ground-and-pound. He's not a boxer and he doesn't like getting hit. He's not real good at it. It's one of those things he added in to his deal It's like he's always done with contracts. He's always gone back and changed them. He ends up wanting to make more money. Well, why did you originally ask for it? You were willing to do it. You wanted to do it, right? You signed the contract, didn't you? He asked for it. Dana didn't ask to fight him.... It sounds to me like he was a pussy.... He frustrates me. He doesn't make sense to me ... I think the whole thing was silly. I think if Tito got clipped real hard, he would've covered up for the whole rest of the fight. He doesn't hit hard enough to hurt Dana. He might've gotten outboxed. He probably would have.... Tito runs his mouth to keep himself in the news."

-- UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell weighs-in on Bad Blood: Tito Ortiz vs. Dana White -- the scheduled three-round boxing exhibition that never happened -- with The "Iceman" also talks about fighting "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" for a third time, as well as his preparation for his upcoming bout with Quinton "Rampage" Jackson at UFC 71 on May 26.

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