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UFCmania turned one ... and I totally spaced


That's probably because this site has grown into a monster in terms of my original intentions for it. My time is spread so thin these days trying to keep up -- never in a million years did I think this "hobby" would turn into what it is today.

Back then, I was essentially talking to myself. A few sites — most notably — used to link to an occasional article here and there, which was the only real indication that I ever received that people were indeed reading.

To be honest, it was a half-ass effort up until the tail-end of 2006. At that time, I told myself that I was either going to pour myself into this thing and see what happens, or scrap it and stop wasting my time.

I chose the former option, and I must admit that the hard work, early mornings, long nights, and the stress it caused at home about the time I dedicate to the site seem to be paying off — albeit not in the checkbook, but in other areas such as traffic and reader feedback.

Granted, this site does make a little money — you can see the banners and all of the other stuff we have up on the site to optimize it. However, most of that scratch — in fact all of it up until this point — has gone right into maintaining the site and other UFCmania-related expenses.

One day, we might start generating "Boku Bucks," but right now this is all about delivering the latest UFC news and building something for which we are proud.

And, I think we are getting closer to that goal each day.

If you told me on April 9, 2006, that we'd be where we are at today, including sponsoring a major UFC fighter, I'd get a nice chuckle. Hell, this ship didn't really even sail until December-ish — and we continue to grow every month since.

Just check out my first post:

"Thank you for visiting the most intense UFC fan site around. Here you can share your thoughts and opinions about the hottest sport in the world and the fighters who spill their blood in the Octagon."

Man, I had no idea what I was talking about — sometimes I still don't. But that's cool because this entire project is a learning process and it keeps getting better and improving as time passes.

It sounds corny as all hell, but it's true: It wouldn't be possible without out readers. We do of course get hit with the occasional troll, but for the most part our commenters and community of readers are the shit. And I do my best -- I swear -- to answer all of your emails and say thanks for the tips.

If I haven't gotten back to you yet ... I will.

Just want to say -- AGAIN -- thanks maniacs ... look forward to another fun year ahead (Or, 11 months if you want to be exact).

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