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Coke is no joke: NSAC fines and suspends Melvin Guillard

melvin guillard positive for cocaine
The Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) fined and suspended UFC lightweight Melvin Guillard for eight months for testing positive for cocaine prior to his bout with Joe Stevenson at UFC Fight Night 9 on April 5, according to

"The Young Assassin" — who was fined $2,100 out of his $7,000 purse for the fight — also admitted at the disciplinary hearing that he did indeed use the illegal drug just days before the fight.

Here's a snip:

"Guillard said that on Friday, March 30th, he was hanging out with some friends and not intending to use any drugs, but ‘one thing led to another' and he ended up trying cocaine. Guillard said that he thought the drug would be out of his system within 72 hours and that he absolutely did not expect to test positive when he fought six days later."

Sounds like a real compelling excuse/argument, right?

But, Guillard should be credited for owning up to the charge despite his serious lack of judgment. And according to the article, his sincerity scored some points with the commissioners.

Here's a comment mash from Melvin:

"I've only been introduced to drugs in the past year or so.... I made an honest mistake. I embarrassed myself, and I embarrassed my family."

With the suspension, the earliest Guillard can get back in the cage is January 2008. And even at that time, he must pass another drug test to be reinstated.

In a recent interview with, Stevenson was rather diplomatic when asked about Guillard getting popped for blow.

Here's a snip from "Daddy:"

"People make mistakes, things happen; you could absorb that stuff through your skin. I mean this lifestyle is not the easiest. I am just blessed that I have a family, a wife and kids that kick my butt and keep my head on straight. I don't blame him for that. He has just allowed the wrong influences into his life that he should have backed away from at certain times and in certain situations, it's just not the right environment."

Sounds right on ... and this was before the hearing.

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