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UFC Quick Quote: Cro Cop seeks cage, clearance and UFC73

Cro Cop seeks cage

The boxing ring is now the past for the Croatian master of free fight Mirko Filipovic. In the basement underneath his family's home in Zagreb a new fighting ground will be installed: An eight-sided cage similar to the one used in the UFC. Due to limited space, his cage will be somewhat smaller than the original, but it will allow a realistic simulation of a UFC tournament for the Croatian gladiator.

After his recent KO loss against Gabriel Gonzaga, Cro Cop decided not to leave anything to chance. Switching to the cage if nothing else will help him with the mental preparation for a fight in a closed arena. Meanwhile, Filipovic will finish the healing process of his injured right ankle and start intensive training again. His next bout in the UFC is expected to occur in July (and as of now the only event scheduled for that time is UFC 73 in Sacramento, California).

-Condensed translation of a report on the status of Mirko Cro Cop as he looks to put the Gonzaga KO behind him and acclimate himself to the dynamics of cage fighting.

Better late than never I suppose.

Thanks to UFCmania's "YouTapped" for the assist.

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