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UFC Quick Quote: Fitch on rematch with Joslin


"You know I have no problem fighting anybody, but I'm not going to take a step backwards in my career to fight somebody just to prove a point. He [Jeff Josling] needs to string together some wins to get himself ranked in the top 10, because he is a very skilled fighter. He's very good, don't get me wrong but at the same time he has not put wins together against top guys. If you look at the guys he's beaten they're terrible. Anybody he's fought with skill has beaten him. I heard rumors that he might be fighting Chris Lytle, so that will be a good test. So it's one of the ones he needs to get, to get his career where he wants it."

-- UFCmania-sponsored welterweight Jon Fitch touches on a potential rematch with Canadian Jeff Joslin after a "controversial" split-decision win in 2005 in a recent interview with

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