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UFC fighters participate in 2007 Abu Dhabi (ADCC)tournament

adcc 2007

The 2007 Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC) World Submission Wrestling Championships kicked off today in Trenton, New Jersey.

This event features most of the top grapplers in mixed martial arts, including UFC fighters such as Gabriel Gonzaga, Marcio "Pe De Pano" Cruz, Jeff Monson, Drew Fickett, Kurt Pellegrino, Joe Stevenson, and Elvis Sinosic, among others. gave a nice round up the event and the top participants in the tournament the other day; therefore, I'm not going to re-invent the wheel.

Here's a snip:

"A bit different from traditional mixed martial arts, the Abu Dhabi tournament is strictly grappling and submission based. Points are awarded based on positioning, control, submission attempts, and takedowns. There is no cage and there is no ring, rather the competitors grapple on a high school wrestling-like mat. If the competitors go out of bounds, they are restarted in the middle of the mat in the same position they were in when they went off. The competitors grapple in a single 10-minute round (20 minutes in the championship brackets) with a 5-minute overtime (if required).... The tournament is an honor to compete in and the only way to compete in the tournament is either by being a former champion, winning a grappling qualifier throughout the world, or by receiving a special invite. Everyone who is a competitor is a world-class grappler."

And the weight classes:

65 Kg and Under (Lightweight) (144 pound and under)
66 Kg to 76 Kg (Welterweight) (167 and under)
77 Kg to 87 Kg (Cruiserweight) (192 and under)
88 Kg to 98 Kg (Light-Heavyweight) (216 and under)
99 Kg and over (Heavyweight) (Over 217)
Absolute Class (Any weight class)

If you live anywhere near South Jersey, this is an event that you should definitely try and check out — it ends on Sunday.

And the next time it rolls around — in two years — it will more than likely be at a different spot.

Take advantage of the opportunity to check it out ... it should be an amazing experience.

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